Photography course Lancashire

Photography Courses

Our photography courses are aimed from Beginner, through Intermediate to advanced techniques. If you prefer a bespoke lesson, our one to one tuition may be a better option, as we can tailor the day just for you. You will get plenty of time to practice your new skills and techniques, with our tutors always being on hand to help.

Beginners Photography

Beginners Course

Looking to explore your cameras settings ? This course is perfect for anyone using a DSLR, Mirrorless, or any Camera with Manual controls. Lots of practical exercises and experience.


Intermediate Photography Course Lancashire

Intermediate Course

If you already have a basic understanding of your camera, then this is the course for you. We cover  a range of topics designed to expand your skills, our intermediate course is suitable for anyone who is already confident in using their camera, but wants to expand on their knowledge.

Photograpy Course Lancashire

Advanced Course

Our advanced course is for those who want to take it to the next level,  these students have either attended our two other courses, or they already have gained extensive knowledge of their camera.  

Photo Experience day

Deer Rut Experience

Our Deer Rut experience whisks you away to Lyme Park during the rutting season (Mid October) to witness this amazing event. Take a walk around the park with our tutors who will help you to capture the best images of these beautiful creatures.

Adobe Training Course Lancashire

Lightroom Tuition

Learn to use one of the world’s leading photographic programs used by millions around the world.

This amazing program uncomplicates editing of your RAW images, producing stunning results.


Photo Walk

Photos Walks offer photographers an opportunity to walk around with our tutors, practising existing and new skills in the field. We will give you a brief before the walk starts that will challenge your current photographic skills